Shree Dattaleela Homoeopathic Hospital & Critical Care Healing Centre

Shree Dattaleela Homoeopathic Hospital & Critical Care Healing Centre

Shree Dattaleela homoeopathic hospital and critical care healing center is the dream of Dr. Vijaysinh Nikam, which came into existence on 14th May, 2021. Walking on the path of his father Dr. Amarsinh D Nikam ( A renowned homoeopath & director of first private homoeopathic hospital ), Dr. Vijaysinh Nikam has also taken the vow to heal people in most gentle way without surgeries, saline, injections etc. He believes in the holistic healing.

Today where the world is under constant suffering from chronic illnesses, pandemics, epidemics and trying a lot of means to escape from their pain and sufferings but end up being deprived of hope of being healed. Our ailments are just the tip of the ice-berg which we often fail to understand, meanwhile it spreads its roots deep inside us. This is where homoeopathy has emerged as a nectar. It is not just a medical science to treat diseases, it is a holistic healing which heals us from deep inside, from the roots. As Dr. Hahnemann (father of homoeopathy) has said “there is no disease, only sick people”.

Holistic healing is the need of the hour. Just treating the disease or part of the body is not enough, a person as a whole must be treated- his mind, body, and spirit. Homoeopathy is a multi-system medicine; it holds the power to awaken our spirit, in other words increases the oxygenation of body which eventually helps in mental and physical healing. There is a complete filtration of the entire body like in Panchakarma. The only difference is; this is Homoeopathic Panchakarma.
Homoeopathic science is based on nano-technology which makes it competent to reach up to the cellular level, DNA and to every minute cells and organelles of the body and bring them back in action.

The concept of homoeopathic hospital is still unfamiliar to most of the population and critical condition like kidney failure, heart diseases, auto-immune diseases, SLE, autism etc. which has no permanent cure in the conventional medicine, is being treated and completely cured with homoeopathy is still a question for many. In midst of all these doubts and questions SDL is standing as a symbol of homoeopathy.

Starting a homoeopathic hospital was never an easy task but Dr. Vijaysinh Nikam was determined and clear about his aim and mission to provide holistic health through SDL hospital. We provide treatment to all fauna and flora. From tiny plants to animals like cats, dogs, birds etc. every being has been treated here with homoeopathy. Since we believe in holistic healing, we try to cover every aspect of healing from prescribing the most similar medicine to maintaining and planning patient’s diet and routine. According to the condition of each patient we provide them with yoga sessions, physiotherapy, counseling too along with the medicines.

Living a healthy life is a consistent practice and here in Shree Dattaleela Homoeopathic Hospital & Critical Care Healing Center we educate/aware people how to enhance their health and redefine their life.
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